Key Investment Highlights

Baton Rouge, the state’s capital, is the second-largest city in Louisiana, with more than 802,400* people residing in the metropolitan area.

Baton Rouge is centrally located between Lafayette (54 miles west) and New Orleans (80 miles southeast).

Baton Rouge has one of the largest concentrations of petrochemical plants in the Western Hemisphere. It is home to ExxonMobil, the fourth-largest oil refinery in the U.S. and tenth-largest in the world.

The Port of Baton Rouge ranks ninth in the nation and 32nd in the world in annual total tonnage. It is situated on one of the largest port systems in the world.

The city houses Louisiana State University, the state’s flagship university with 32,000 students. Also located in Baton Rouge is Southern University, one of the nation’s largest African-American universities, with 7,000 students.

The Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce states that continued lower natural gas prices are driving growth in petrochem manufacturing products and will spur industrial construction.

Economists forecast up to five percent job growth in all private sector categories for Baton Rouge in 2016.

*2010 Census


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